[Add Mirror] Mirror in Finland wants to go official

Hello Manjaro devs,

I am using Manjaro for quite a while and now it is time to contributing back.

As it stated in https://forum.manjaro.org/t/root-tip-create-manjaro-mirror-server/21264 I want to create feature request to add my mirror in Finland to official mirror list.

It was tested in this thread and got positive feedback.

So mirror data is:

        "branches": [
        "continent": "Europe",
        "country": "Finland",
        "last_sync": "00:00",
        "protocols": [
        "resp_time": 0,
        "url": "https://manjaro.kyberorg.fi/"

Mirror has A grade by Qualys SSL Labs

Mirror is monitored by UpDown.io and has 100% uptime (has 2 less then 1 minute reboots for applying new kernel).

Sync is monitored by self-written sync-monitor with alerts in Grafana.

I also wanted to create PR in Manjaro’s GitLab, but had no rights to fork repo.manjaro.org repo.


@philm I have question: how last sync time at repo.manjaro.org calculates?

I sync it every 30 minutes and monitoring shows no sync errors.

But repo.manjaro.org said that mirror last sync is 6 hours ago.

Also it has unstable as well Index of /unstable/

The repo site refreshes every 20 minutes i think.
Browsers like to cache the site also. Make sure the date at the top is recent. F5 is your friend :wink:


I understood why it was outdated, the repo rsync was outdated itself.
So I wonder where is located initial Manjaro Repo (aka tier 0) everybody should sync from?


To be able to use the master repo - you need your ip approved in the firewall - only @philm does that.

I already wrote him an email

@philm please allow me to rsync directly from


IPs are:

I also provide rsync:


Sorry for been a bit noisy on this topic, but I want to make things right.

I notices a lot of 404 requests to get *.db.sig files. I noticed that current repo I rsync from and other mirrors as well are also haven’t got those files.

Should I generate them at my end?

No. Ignore those.
Manjaro does not sign package database’s (nor does Arch. Still WIP pacman/Package signing - ArchWiki)

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