Active window title bar color not changing


Fresh install, changing color scheme, active window title bar is identical to inactive windows, not changing to the one in the color scheme. Tried with Oxygen, Breeze Light, Breeze High Contrast, all beaving the same. Ideas?



To what color-scheme?

Styles do not have a saying about color-schemes, they just follow those color-schemes. Does the text color change between active and inactive window?

Hi bogdancovaciu,

Doing this from System Settings → Appearance → Colors. I assumed the result window title bar color will be same as in the selected scheme, which isn’t. The only thing to differentiate between active and inactive windows is the color of the text in the title bar - black or grey.

I know where that is done, i’m asking for the name of the color-scheme you want to apply, so we can test and reproduce your issue.

We have to make sure that active and inactive title bar color are different in the color-scheme. There are plenty that have the same color and only text is different …

Oxygen is my first choice.

As a style, i get it … how about color-scheme name, or is that the name of the color scheme too ? If so, then i have no problem with it.

color code #30aee8

color code #e0dfde

I’m not sure how to check this. However, while playing around I switched to Window Decorations section and selected Plastik, which gave me the effect I wanted (Colored title bar for active window, light title bar for inactive windows), although not in the color or decorations style I wanted.

I started observing this very same behaviour just a few minutes ago. The decoration of all windows was suddenly reset to breeze-light, without me performing any action…
And from that moment on I am not able to change the window title colour anymore - except when I switch to Plastik.

I also tried creating a brand new user from scratch: same behaviour.

There must be smth wrong with some of the configuration files of the themes

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i can confirm that there’s a problem here

last package update was ‘manjaro-kde-settings’ and after a reboot there were some theme changes and i cannot change the color of the active window titlebar

rename ~/.config/kdeglobals
rename ~/.kde4

system settings: dark theme
system settings > global theme: breath2 2021 dark
system settings > appearance > window decorations: breeze
system settings > appearance > colors: breath2 2021 dark (copy)

the active titlebar color can be changed in the settings, but it never takes affect

if window decorations are changed to ‘plastic’ then the title bar color can be changed (but there are other issues)

i remember this same issue appearing quite some time ago but i don’t recall how i solved it

It seems like I just arbitrarily started experiencing the same issue as chainofflowers. I was using my computer normally, not at all actively messing with any settings, and my window title bar suddenly changed color in the same manner as that user.

can you check your update history and see if the ‘manjaro-kde-settings’ was updated recently (like today)?

Yes, it looks like that did occur today. Right at the top of my history list is this: [2021-08-12T11:00:56-0500] [ALPM] upgraded manjaro-kde-settings (20210806-1 → 20210812-1)

I am now noticing that it appears that other color selections are also not being used as well.

I confirm that, yesterday, I have updated manjaro-kde-settings to 20210812-1

I have diffed the changes. In /etc/xdg/kdeglobals there is now a load of pre-defined colour schemes. I just commented them out and I am now able to change the colours as before:

-> /etc/xdg/kdeglobals:
 34 [Colors:Button]
 35 BackgroundAlternate=163,212,250
 36 BackgroundNormal=247,247,247
 37 DecorationFocus=53,191,164
 38 DecorationHover=53,191,164
 39 ForegroundActive=61,174,233
 40 ForegroundInactive=112,125,138
 41 ForegroundLink=41,128,185
 42 ForegroundNegative=218,68,83
 43 ForegroundNeutral=246,116,0
 44 ForegroundNormal=35,38,41
 45 ForegroundPositive=39,174,96
 46 ForegroundVisited=155,89,182
132 [Colors:Window]
133 BackgroundAlternate=227,229,231
134 BackgroundNormal=239,240,241
135 DecorationFocus=53,191,164
136 DecorationHover=53,191,164
137 ForegroundActive=61,174,233
138 ForegroundInactive=112,125,138
139 ForegroundLink=41,128,185
140 ForegroundNegative=218,68,83
141 ForegroundNeutral=246,116,0
142 ForegroundNormal=35,38,41
143 ForegroundPositive=39,174,96
144 ForegroundVisited=155,89,182

Comment them out in vi with:


and save, then just kwin_x11 --replace &

However, I am not sure that this is the best way to go with it…

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Anyone reading or participating in this thread might find this forum topic interesting: Theme issue with manjaro-kde-settings

It seems to be solved with the latest system update.