Activate NVIDIA GPU/download latest drivers

Hello,first of all i am new to linux manjaro.I used ubuntu-based linux before and it was quite alright.I do not now a lot about linux so consider that i am new.I switched to linux manjaro due to hardware compability.I always experienced graphical glitches in other debian-based distros.I am using linux manjaro now and everything just works FINE.I use my laptop to write code,to watch movies and videos and to play games.I want the highest possible performance when i play games so i want to switch to GPU graphics and have the latest or most fit graphics driver for my gpu.The think is,manjaro is a bit more complicated when it comes to configuration.I tried to change the drivers from the settings,the driver that was currently in use was something like “nvidia-intel hyprid” something and i wanted to install a driver that was named something like “nvidia-driver-460-xx” But first i had to remove the previous driver and so i did.I removed the previous and downloaded the second one.After the reboot my laptop was not able to boot to manjaro at all so i had to reinstall it.

So my question is:
How do i activate NVIDIA GPU graphics and how do i download the latest drivers for nvidia gpu?

Thank you for your time!


We have the MHWD, also as graphical tool and you can remove/install drivers from there, not otherwise.
For hybrid laptops, if have iGPU and dGPU it depends, some models do not allow direct use of dGPU as all is done via the iGPU.
Most likely you need hybrid-intel-nvidia-prime and video-modeset so it loads the iGPU and then you use
prime-run <application>
if you want it to run trough the dGPU.

This will explain most things in a more coherent way Configure Graphics Cards - Manjaro

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To add to what @bogdancovaciu said you are already on the latest driver. Manjaro is running a rolling release driver and nvidia-intel hybrid is the latest driver available which is 495 atm which is a lot newer than 460.

To make programs run on the nvidia card they are launched with the prime-run command. There’s several threads about using nvidia prime but by far the easiest is to use lutris to launch your games

I saw the link you sent.As it says linux will pick the best and most suitable driver for the laptop right?
"prime-run " do i have to write the directory in the application section? how does this command works?

how do i do this? how do i set an application with run-command? If i set it for steam does that means that every game will run through dGPU? or i have to write a command in the lunch options of each game?

Are you using steam? You add the line

prime-run %command%

To launch options and it will force the game to launch on the dedicated gpu. You can also use lutris to launch all your games and check the Nvidia prime render offload option and it will automatically use dedicated gpu. I’m not much of a gamer but lutris has lots of gaming enhancements.

You can also check out optimus-manager, never used it but several users do

Also gloriouseggroll proton is another useful gaming aid

Please dont suggest that. PRIME works fine without it.
We already have a problem of users thinking its ‘required’ for no reason. (and it creating its own issues)

@Sayolev please read the page you said you saw. It covers all of this.

For example:

glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'
prime-run glxinfo | grep 'renderer string'

I know optimus-manager isn’t recommended and like i said I’ve never felt the need to use it. Anyone who wants to use it really needs to read up on it and the potential hazards

the games wont open if i add this command.Lutris does not recognize steam for some reason :confused:

well to be honest i did not understand what the pages says but i will try to read it again.My english is not the best so :confused:

Lutris and Steam are both ‘game managers’ or whatever they are called …

I am not sure lutris should be recognizing steam … or that lutris should be launching steam …

At least, that sounds odd to me … then again I dont game that much.

From what I recall Lutris has its own options, not unlike steams ‘launch options’.
So you apply the same methodology, if not the same exact steps.

No worries, though I guess its good to know.
Note - many of the wiki pages are translated … into chinese, farsi, spanish, german, etc.

I’ll give it a try.Though the greek translations are usually the worst xD

Hah. I dont doubt it. But I will blame greek instead. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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For Steam game you just need to add launch option in game properties (right click, properties, launch options)

prime-run %command%

The game will launch with dedicated GPU with the hybrid driver installed.

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I guess it is worth noting, for clarity, that such a method is specific to STEAM.

‘%command%’ is a variable STEAM recognizes, where %command% means the game in question.
The suggestion is specific to that.
As far as I know, %command% does not mean anything anywhere else.

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I don’t know why you add precision to what was already established.

Because we have posts like

(but now the last 2 are rather unnecessary :wink:)

No.i added this on steam not in lutris

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Additionally to what cscs just posted, it would be in your favor if you make better sentences, explain WAY more what you do, what doesn’t work, what works, and so on, if I would be caricatural I would say you reply as if you were on Twitter when you should reply as if you were writing essays, so that everyone understand exactly what is going on with your issue.

Example, this post I’m replying to, what are you talking about exactly, what are you replying to, what did you do exactly, what works or doesn’t work when you did that, how did you try to check it works or doesn’t work?