Aconfmgr - apply saved results on other systems


I’ve started playing around with aconfmgr on my laptop (manjaro KDE) and wanted to ask:

  1. Can the resulting data be used to configure manjaro on a completely different hardware?

  2. Is it possible to configure using the resulting data a different arch-based distro (native arch, EndeavourOS etc.)?


Anything is possible. I don’t know about the specific script you mention.

If the configuration is a backup of your personal settings - they are applicable to any Linux system which provides the theming packages used when you saved the configs.

I created something similar some time ago to be able to transfer common configs and package list to other Manjaro systems.

Specifically for Plasma there is konsave in AUR


Hi @ForeverNoob,

I’ve seen it and played with it before. I, personally, think it’s cool.

As long as you stick with Arch(-based) distros, I don’t think you’ll have a problem.

The best way to find out, the really fail-safe way, is to test it and see what happens.

Hope this means something!

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It must however be set up first, because the AUR version comes with a blank config. I’ve written a HowTo about it. :point_down:

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