A problem with file search in Dolphin

A problem with filesearch is founded in Dolphin. The program shows the red message “The filenamesearch process has unexpectedly stopped” (Something like that, i use it in Russian) as I try to find files in my home directory. Sometimes there are some founded files, sometimes are not, even though them should be there.

When I start Dolphin from console there is a ton of messages “QString::contains: invalid QRegularExpression object”.

The problem noticed after the update, but it may have occurred before.

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i have this issue trying to search in root.
it’s a known bug.
hope it’ll get fixed soon.

Well, after all these years using manjaro i’m still a noob. I turned off the file search service and forgot about it. It was the reason of the “bug”.
BUT! Shouldn’t the error message in Dolphin be more informative?

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