A guy on telegram told me to bring my simple broken TTY shortcut issue here

I switched over to tty5 to try and rescue my active plasma session, but failed, and now the tty shortcut isn’t working in the new plasma session…is there a insta-fix for this that doesn’t require losing my current session again?


  • username is “aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”
  • “a guy on telegram told me”
  • cryptic and vague description of an issue
  • the term “insta-fix” snuck its way into the request

What the heck just happened?

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I was expecting someone to tell me where I can find the log that shows the error message from after trying ctrl-alt-f(1-12), so I can share something that actually related to the issue rather than system specs…

All we can do is “shoot in the dark”. I’m still not sure what you did before this, and what you mean by switching to TTY5 to rescue an active Plasma session. Did something crash? Freeze? Watching a video? Mouse cursor won’t respond? You can interact with the desktop, but applications don’t launch new windows? Are you able to type into the TTY terminal? Multiple displays? Nvidia, Intel, AMD, or hybrid?

It takes too much energy and mental power to play a game of elimination from scratch; not to mention trying to play the role of a detective of what lead up to the problem. Your original post briefly brushes past the glaring fact that you had a different problem before this new problem.

The mouse became the only thing responsive prior to the tty switching. I used sudo htop to SIGTERM all the plasma-session entries in the hopes that would do the same thing as entering plasmashell --replace in Konsole. Which it unfortunately did not and I had to log in, having no short-term memory of every application I was doing (I can recall that I was trying to remove the “Apply Initially” window-position from the special application settings for KeePassXC, since I had moved the window but it’s other smaller windows were still opening away from my field of view in that initial position)…
How that relates at all to my keyboard inputs of ctrl+alt+f# appearing to not do anything at all is beyond me…

On the telegram…
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Have you monitored your system resources (CPU, RAM…) in htop before killing plasma-session ?
Have you rebooted since then?

I had monitored them. The only thing that seemed to be having issues was something that I think was called pkg-bin or something? And yes I’ve also rebooted and my keyboard shortcut is wokring again…