A ghost wired network appeared

Hello people, I installed Manjaro and only trustful packages, but I have this wired connection called ‘lo’ and my computer does not have any cable connected about ethernet, it’s via wireless.

Read through that thread:

What is lo in Network connections

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thanks. I have another question: I lead with music and am trying to pair my Linux with my tablet about my digital audio workstation, does Manjaro support this wireless pairing thing?

It’s not an issue of whether Manjaro supports it, but rather whether someone has made software for Linux that supports it. If that software exists, it should run on Manjaro, or any other Linux distribution. I suggest you start by doing some googling on the issue, as you will know what keywords to use better than most of us here. If you need more help you can make a new thread, and someone will hopefully be able to assist you.

Please don’t reply to this thread with a new question, as it makes things more difficult to organize on the forums. Additionally, do you mind clicking the “solution” button on Nachlese’s post? Again, it helps with organizing things.

Best of luck

Friend, your sound station may be Bluetooth enabled. If yes, then you can use a Bluetooth PC and connect it to the station, just like wireless mice and keyboards connect, such a device. Hope I got it right =)

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