A few things about the new forum

I also noticed that the forum menu is lacking the Manjaro Home link, it was the only way back to front page without using keyboard before (lazy habits).

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i think this is a trust level ability. most/all of us have gotten back to our old trust levels yet and i think the ones that do have it were set manually.

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This is because you are currently still listed as a “basic user”. I believe you need to be a “regular” (TL3) before you can do that.

Yes, I’ve noticed that too. I’m not sure whether this is due to a missing set of emoticons for the dark mode, or whether it’s a CSS issue.

Okay, so it’s a CSS issue then. :slight_smile:

I would support emoticons that work in both the light and dark modes, so that we can all see them again. :slight_smile:

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Also keep in mind that the dark mode theme is temporary (it is the default “dark Mode” for discourse. The final dark mode is being worked on and will be available in the future when it is done. Here is a link where it was discussed a bit and phil enabled the “default” factory mode so we at least had something that wasn’t bright white with red highlights which looked even worse when the dark reader plugin changed it to dark mode (not sure which addon you use for dark mode but that is the one I use and this current dark mode while maybe not as good as the old system dark mode it is still better than nothing while the updated dark mode is being developed.


You can always get to the Manjaro Home page by clicking the Manjaro icon at the top of every page.


The screenshot thread just got closed because, as the mod said, «Screenshots is not a contribution, or brings any value to other users»

Well, I really like to follow those threads from month to month.
Is It possible to have a «show off» category or Something, like in the old forum?


No, I’m not talking about the forum home but the Manjaro front page, like in the previous menu.

I don’t see a link to Home in the old forum. I only see “Download”, “Wiki”, “Gitlab”, where Download is the closest, getting you to the main download page.

EDIT: Scratch that. I see it now.

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And what if you look into the forum MENU? we’ll get to there eventually (I’m too lazy to take screenshot right now lol)

EDIT: OK cool :smiley:

is good for you ? Same problem for me level 3

No, it doesn’t do anything for me.

And honestly I think you have that ‘privilege’ to see the various edits with basic account (like level 1), not a level 3 trust… not sure but that seems weird to limit this, but maybe I’m wrong as we can’t even look user’s profile page without an account so maybe there are weird stuff like that… and I don’t remember correctly since when I am able to see the edits (I though it was pretty much from the beginning I registered here almost two years ago).

I think you’re referring to wiki posts. To the best of my knowledge, regular users have never been able to see the edits ─ the number of edits, yes, but not the edits themselves.

Pretty sure I did. I confirm I’m talking about the edits of other user’s post, for example in the announcement thread 99.99% sure I was checking people’s edits. It was opening a popup and I could even check the differences between edits.

I’ve only ever seen that on wiki posts, not on other people’s regular posts.

Can you link me to a wiki post please to check the difference?

Ok on this link I see two differences, first is the the text/icon to view edits is green and not orange, second if I click it, it opens the usual ‘view edits’ popup.

I think there is just a misconfiguration as a whole in the forum, and what was previously a default option seems to be locked for everyone (as you wrote you couldn’t see the edits yourself).

The more I think about it, the more I’m sure it was a default feature of the forum (which makes sense, to see what changed in the post).

I am pretty convinced that a regular user ─ TL3 or lower ─ could never see the edits on non-wiki posts. That’s why the number of edits on non-wiki posts is orange, while on the wiki posts it is green. :wink:

It makes no sense whatsoever for non-moderators/non-TL4s to be able to see what other people have changed in their posts.

But how could I be so used to this MISSING feature to me, if the only place where I could use it was on wiki/tutorial posts, where I most likely didn’t spend my time on.

Don’t want to argue too long over this but yeah no I’m convinced too I’m right so… I’ll look into a default discourse installation to see when I’ll have time, maybe that will shed some light.