A desktop layout changer similar to FerenOS

A one click tool to change default layout of plasma desktop. This has been done in FerenOS. It would be great to have this tool. It will save us hours to customize desktop.


…But why?
The “Global Theme” kcm already has this functionality.
You can even opt in or out using the little tick box for whether it should affect your layout or just the theme selection.
Further - this tool is specifically hacking plasma to split that global theme setting into 2 portions so it appears like a nifty new settings when its not and makes heavy use of Lattedock to accomplish a number of those layouts.
I think ferens version is undesirable, and I am rather convinced such a tool is redundant in plasma.

So its a no from me :wink:

(oh and ferens weird source sharing … it almost seems like they try to make it hard to find and inspect their work. But heres what I found for that tool: Initial splitting of vanilla Plasma's Global Theme KCM into Global Th… · feren-OS/plasma-desktop@3262950 · GitHub)

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I got your point. I was thinking that gnome version of Manjaro has this tool. So, why not kde.

Yes … but the gnome version uses existing things.
(does not require extra software like latte or patching gnome itself)
Gnome also doesnt have any similar functionality on its own.

Again - KDEs ‘global theme’ setting already is this. But pertaining to each global theme, not a few predefined ones like ‘cupertino’.

To create something more similar in plasma I would either make a standalone tool, or simply make a few ‘global themes’ that dont set anything but the layout. (the latter is what feren did roughly … but also patched plasma so that they would be in different places)

But thats still assuming its needed. I am not so sure it is when in plasma if you dont pull latte into the equation you are pretty much just talking about where the panel is, maybe size, and possibly a few widget difference (like icons-only take manager as opposed to a regular one with text).

Well, it uses shell extensions, which are essentially togglable patches for gnome-shell. :sweat_smile:

I had been thinking of making something similar for plasma, but it already has something like this?

Yes … basically global theme already functions like this, depending on a toggle and how the theme was constructed:

If we wanted to make a second kcm or standalone app or something to achieve this while differentiating it from the regular ‘global theme’ then it would probably just be something you needed to dress up over pretty simple lookandfeeltool

(ex … lookandfeeltool --resetLayout && lookandfeeltool -a Breath2)

especially if you made global themes that consisted of nothing but a layout.

Hmm… Could that be plugged into manjaro-hello? :thinking:

Seems like it would also benefit from shipping some ready themes like feren does.


yes, that would be nice. An easy choice option.

With Latte, it’s a simple task to set up whatever layouts you like. I know some like a Gnome style, many like ‘cupertino style’. Personally I have a small systray at the bottom towards the right with the event calendar with the taskbar at the lower right corner on the side.

What I’d prefer is that the standard KDE taskbar be able to split, as I want different settings for the taskbar/systray and event calendar.

A complete ‘theme/layout’ saver might be nice for when you’re messing about with themes etc, so that once you’ve messed about and set it up you could ‘Save all settings as a custom Global Theme’ So it’s a conditional NO from me too, unless we’re going to get a one click apply for everything, to save a ‘Global Setting’ to include:

Global theme: Breath2
Plasma Style: Breeze with Transparency
Application Style: Lightly - including all sub settings.
Window decorations: Material (for my menu) - incl sub-settings
Colours - Fonts - Icons - Cursors - Kwin settings (e.g. Krohnkite tiling/float).
Oh, and don’t forget the option to save separate settings for taskbar/latte-dock or whatever other dock are set up.

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