5.17.1 missing in settings manager?

I am on Kernel 5.16 which is now EOL, but there is no stable upgrade to 5.17 listed in Settings Manager, only ‘rc7 experimental’ - but here is listed 5.17.1 as supported.

This makes me a bit confused: is the rc7 the same as 5.17.1? or is something missing from Settings Manager kernel update?

The RC is not the release version, as the RC tells, it is a Release Candidate.

Is your system up to date?

It was yesterday, but today there are 394 update in a big drop. I didn’t expect that to update the kernel to a new version, but maybe I am wrong?

Yes, thanks, I understand RC is a release candidate & I don’t wish to use pre-release versions. However, 5.17.1 does not sound like a pre-release. Im wondering why that option is not available in the kernel update tool.

So update your system if it is not up to date.

Really? & that will change the kernels listed in Manjaro Settings Manager? :thinking:

That will certainly be the case. I updated my system today, and I have the Linux 5.17.1-3 kernel listed in the Manjaro Settings Manager. :wink:

wow, I really didn’t know that was the case. I am surprised & educated.

At minimum you need to force a refresh of packages database, but maybe it needs full packages update before updating the list in the kernel installation settings page. In any case, being up to date is a requirement to do anything on Manjaro (installing a package, filling a bug report, reporting an issue, things like that) so if you have an issue it is always the first thing to do.

Thanks, it worked. I updated & k 5.17 appeared & is now running. :+1:t3:

Nice. I marked my post as Solution for you. Remember to always select the Solution next time you have an issue solved.

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