21.1.1 KDE touchpad works fine, Gnome unwanted text pasted when left click

Very strange random issue, even when I selected this textbox to type this right now, It pastes a word or sometimes a sentence,

  1. without me ever having copied that piece of text, also often I never wrote that text, it’s just text I read a minute or so ago
  2. without me initiating paste, since I simply selected the textbox to start writing this.

This happens constantly after my fresh, clean Manjaro Gnome installation.

The same behavior also seems to close a Firefox tab simply when I select the tab. Quite annoying.

I installed Manjaro KDE 21.1.1 first on this laptop: no issues. Then did a clean Manjaro Gnome 21.1.1 installation and the issue appeared.

The laptop works fine, it’s just this issue that seems very minor but becomes quickly extremely annoying. Any ideas?

Lenovo S540-13ARE, AMD 4800U laptop.

I’m on KDE so my solution would be to… hold it… use KDE! :grin: However if you want to use Gnome,

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Unfortunately, the same issue is on KDE!
I even changed laptops, installed Manjaro KDE, clean.
Switched from a Lenovo IdeaPad S540-13ARE (AMD 4800u) to an older Lenovo Yoga 920 (Intel 7200U).

I will gather the required info an update here.

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