2.66 regression: Unable to copy files on a ZFS volume configured with noatime

It should be fixed and in production already. The issue was in 2.65.2 and according to that link you posted the issue was already resolved. Stable branch is on 2.66.0, are you still experiencing the issue? Is your system running the current version 2.66.0 that is in stable branch or did you revert back to an older glib and add glib to your ignored packages list?

I’m using 2.66.0-1. I’ve never rolled back or used any other version. This update is the first time I’ve encountered the issue. There is also https://gitlab.gnome.org/GNOME/glib/-/issues/2205. I’m not familiar with gitlab so I can’t seem to find the release version associated with the issues.

We should probably open up a separate thread for this as we are moving away from the topic of this thread. The link you posted has to do with mounting a ZFS partition (while related to the problem of someone changing the security masks in glib for mounting partitions in what I’m assuming was an attempt to make it more secure, it doesn’t have anything to do with what I believe is your usage case meaning you aren’t trying to mount a zfs volume as I understand your initial question).

Anyway can you let us know specifically how are you mounting to your remote NAS? (either post your mount command you are using, your fstab entry or your mount unit file if using systemd.

Can a forum admin move these messages into another topic please? @Yochanan (I tagged you since you just moved another conversation so I know you have the ability to, thank you)

Looks like there is already a thread for this https://forum.manjaro.org/t/glib2-v2-66-breaks-cifs-operation-in-filemanager/29457/8 and it will be fixed in 2.66.1.