Zsh software installation prompt

Hi, I have two installations of Manjaro, one in original hardware, other one is a VM, both having zsh as default shell. I know it is not due to hardware stuff, but in the VM if I type neofetch in the terminal, it asks if I want to install it from official repos. But in the main installation, it shows ‘command not found’. What is happening? :confused:

sudo pacman -S neofetch

I know how to install software using pacman :sweat_smile: I was actually asking why is zsh behaving differently in two different installations.

It is because the installation which prompts you to install the particular software it cannot find has an additional package from the AUR installed, called command-not-found. I’m not kidding. :wink:

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Thank you so much. Installing command-not-found made the command found (bad joke). :blush: :relaxed:

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