Zsh powerline symbols don't appear in Konsole

I tried to modify the default font of manjaro(KDE) from /etc/fonts/conf.d/46-noto-sans.conf
then I ran fc-cache command.

and now home and Manjaro icons disappeared and I can only see blank rectangles.

sorry if my English is bad. also I couldn’t provide screenshot since I’m not TL2.

Have you tried reverting your changes?

Yes I did. but it didn’t work on Konsole.

You could try installing a nerd font like Fira Mono and manually changing the font of Konsole profile to that font and see if that works.

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it worked, thanks. but I wish I could make it work like before.
it was on Hack font and it was working before.

I also found hack nerd font which is exact same as the default one. I applied it and it fixed.

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