ZSH p10k prompt — special characters don't display (and Neovide bug?)

Dear Manjaro Community,

I have decided to gather some courage and transition to Manjaro Linux lately (KDE Plasma). I have some problems, however, which I couldn’t resolve by myself:

  1. Some special characters in my p10k prompt don’t seem to display.
    This problem exists both in my VSCodium and in Yakuake/Konsole terminal.

I have tried installing and using different fonts (Noto Mono, Roboto Mono, Hack etc.), currently I’m using Source Code Pro for Powerline. None of these helped the situation.

Disclaimer: I have installed fcitx for Asian languages. Not sure if it changes anything.

My ZSH configuration files: Zsh config – Google Drive

  1. The Neovide seems to not display anything when launched at first, requires scrolling through to show any characters at all. I have tried changing my init.vim / init.lua (installed Astro Vim), this didn’t change anything. Not sure if it’s connected to the ZSH bug:

I will be very thankful for any help.
Best regards,

I’ve tried Nerd Fonts, including Meslo. Unfortunately, none of them work, it still shows the same weird characters. :frowning:

I have tried re-configuring p10k with Meslo. Apparently, I wasn’t using any special characters in the prompt. The ones I’ve added work perfectly well.

Edit: I’ve searched some more and these “!4 ?1” are actually a default behavior of the p10k, which doesn’t use any special characters to indicate these values in Git repositories. So there was actually no bug in the first place.

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