Zsh not suggesting to install missing package anymore

i believe earlier zsh used to suggest installing missing packages and now it doesn’t and just shows zsh: command not found: <package>.
how do i enable this feature?

You can check the archwiki: Zsh - ArchWiki

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btw, do you know if it is turned off by default in newer versions of manjaro or something?

It used to be done by pkgfile … which is redundant, buggy, and slow.
It was finally retired some time recently.
That default manjaro configuration using pkgfile I mean.
(though a quick look does show it has not been touched in ~3 years)

I thought it was also replaced by an equivalent … such as using pacman’s own database, ex:
(the only thing that would really make sense if such a feature should exist at all, if you ask me)

But apparently not :person_shrugging:


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