Zsh not reading .zprofile anymore


I’m running Manjaro with GNOME / GDM and my shell is zsh - all default

At some point my zsh stopped reading ~/.zprofile - I know it did when I first installed Manjaro about a year ago, but not anymore

I do understand that ~/.zprofile is only read if the shell is the login shell - so I’m guessing at some point GDM was starting zsh as a login shell somehow when I log in, but it doesn’t do this anymore

Any ideas on how to fix this?

Suppose I could rename ~/.zprofile to ~/.profile - but would like to understand what exactly happened and why it broke

Are you sure your shell is zsh?

How do you know it stopped reading it? All it should contain is the following:

emulate sh -c '. ~/.profile'

You should be editing .profile, not .zprofile. That way, whether you use Bash or ZSH, the values will be used.