ZSH for Manjaro KDE


do we know when ZSH will be by default in Manjaro KDE ?


It won’t.

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why do i have all these installed on KDE?

Because it’s installed by default. Which is different than enabled by default.
For now, bash will still remain default shell in KDE at 1st boot right after install.

With Manjaro Architect though, you had the possibility to choose the default shell between bash, zsh and fish.


are there any disadvantages with using it in KDE, or issues i might encounter?
everywhere i read they say it’s so much better etc.

The shell has nothing to do with the Desktop Environment. If you’d like to switch from BASH to ZSH, feel free. There are plenty of guides online to help with that. Installing manjaro-zsh-config will give you the Manjaro customzations.


:grimacing:…but why ?

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He actually answered it:

Philm doesn’t like zsh😅