Zram how set up writeback-device

I just configured zram with zram-generator and it is working correctly, I just need to add a writeback-device but there are things I don’t understand, does this partition have to be in Linux-swap format?

I know … it’s from reddit, but perhaps it helps.

thanks you but there is not much there

I beg to differ - the only answer, the first paragraph.
Also the link to:

turns out that “writeback-device” feature is not completely implemented on zram-generator.

  1. RFE: Actually use the writeback device · Issue #164 · systemd/zram-generator · GitHub

  2. Add support for new zram features (recompression, etc) · Issue #178 · systemd/zram-generator · GitHub

The archwiki has this to say…

Theres some general documentation of the zram module as well