Zorin Lite Taskbar in XFCE


Is it possible to have the look of the Zorin Lite taskbar in Manjaro XFCE?
When app are open and in use I would like them be “underscored” like this:


I’m pretty sure thats another ‘zorin special’.
Meaning its actually a piece of software they have lazily written ‘zorin’ over.
In this case I believe it is cairo dock.


Ok, I better stay clear of it them…afraid it might break something.

I currently have this XFCE panel:


wait wait wait. I think its maybe plank?

(sorry its been a while since I set a dock)


PS - I wouldnt worry too much about breakage … it should be rather straightforward to install/run the dock and remove it if you dont want it.

Is that a “dock” or a panel?

Oh I see. The task list inside the panel.

And you mean on XFCE … whereas zorins taskbar thing is an extension for gnome based on 2 other gnome extensions.

Then yeah, not plank (a dock) either … just looked like it.

I found zorin taskbar itself in the AUR.
But it is still for gnome and not XFCE.


Yes I checked AUR and that gnome extension is there.
Better stay clear of it then ,or it might break something or no work at all.