Zoom won't start on Manjaro 20.1 KDE (black box, no interaction)

Hi everyone,

I recently installed zoom first from AUR and then from the zoom site itself. I would prefer to stay with the
zoom-system-qt but both the versions don’t seem to be doing nothing.

I have a very clean system right now (Manjaro 20.1. KDE) with chromium being the first package and zoom the second. But zoom doesn’t do anything on clicking.

I provide you the pictures to see for yourself:

Hovering with the mouse and clicking (click doesn’t do anything). I just get this (literally) weird black box.

Right mouse button click opens options but even exit won’t do anything. Even Exit won’t work.

Any suggestions to how to resolve this? Thanks for reading already!

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Manjaro KDE here with the same problem that started today. (I did a full update today)

Manjaro 20.2 Nibia
Linux 5.8.18-1

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Same here

Linux 5.9.8-2-MANJARO x86_64 20.2 Nibia Gnome

I also had same problem. I think there is some issue with the aur version.
Here is what worked for me.
Uninstall the aur version of zoom first.
After that enable snap in pamac and search for zoom in snap. Install the snap version of zoom. This works just fine. Hope it helps.

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