Zoom "This meeting will be archived"

Since some weeks I noticed that Zoom (as a guest) on Linux (not only on Manjaro) is showing an box symbol at the upper left corner near the green symbol for the information about the encryption. Clicking on it, the text “This meeting will be archived” and a link to Managing archiving of meeting and webinar data – Zoom Help Center is shown.

According to the link, the symbol indicates that a feature for sending the whole meeting data to some third party is enabled.
But this is only shown on Linux - and this feature was not enabled by the host of the meeting.
It is shown in end to end encrypted meetings, too.

Maybe Zoom is spying on Linux users - or more likely - it is just an error in the user interface?

My question is if anyone else has this problem and maybe know that to do about.
I try to report this to Zoom - but without a payed account I can only use an chat bot that seems not to be smart enough to help me.

I know this is some kind of off-topic because it is not an issue specific to Manjaro, but of all online communities I’m in this is the one that is closest to the topic because it seems to be an issue related to the Linux client. Maybe there is an off-topic category in this forum? (I didn’t find one)

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I have seen this yesterday im my meeting to. And it seems my session was not recorded by the host.