Zoom links opening in a new instance

Firstly, when I start zoom I am asked to sign in every time, however, that is something I can live with.

The bigger issue is that once signed in if I use a zoom link in the browser it opens an “xdg-open” dialogue. When I click on “open xdg-open” it opens a new instance of zoom which asks me to sign in again. This new instance is very buggy and never logs me in. This causes me to join the zoom meeting as a guest and not use the account I would want to.

This behavior is also consistent across all zoom links. I have tested this with Slack, which has a Zoom App Integration so that you can join/start meetings directly, and have found that the same issue persists.

Steps to replicate:

  1. Open Zoom and sign in.
  2. Open a Zoom Meeting link in the browser.
  3. The Meeting will open in a new instance of zoom and not the one we signed into earlier.

Installed Packages

  • Zoom (AUR)

I do have zoom with xfce and there it works since i installed zoom when corona started
But i do never use 2 instances of zoom. Sometimes i do join a meeting, at other times i do hoste a meeting. But never at the same time. I even start it at some fixed times with systemd to join regular meetings. Or at other times with a desktop link.

Could it be because of the sign-in method?

I don’t think that should affect anything, but I sign in using Google SSO.