Zoom keeps changing its own audio volume

Zoom keeps changing its own audio volume to be 10%, which is really frustrating because I have to go into my audio mixer and change it back before I can hear anything that is happening in my meetings. Is there a setting or script I can use to prevent this from happening?

Update: it seems like the problem occurs every time Zoom creates a new output audio stream, which happens when I’m transferred into or out of a breakout room.

I’m using zoom 5.3.472687.1012-1 and pulseaudio 13.99.2+13+g7f4d7fcf5-1.

Don’t know, but is this a Zoom client that allows you to set volume to auto adjust volume, or is it set to fixed level?

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There’s a setting called “auto adjust volume”, but I disabled that setting.

That’s weird…

  • Is this your audio input or output?
  • What is your system default for that one?


Since your saying " change it back before I can hear anything" I think it is the output channel.

Are you using Pulse or Alsa?

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I use PulseAudio.

It changes my output volume, it leaves the input volume alone. It uses the default output (my laptop’s speakers) as intended.

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Try clearing PulseAudio cookie and databases in user home folder

rm ~/.config/pulse/cookie ~/.config/pulse/*.tdb

and reboot to ensure PulseAudio reloads and recreates new files

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For me the volume was being set low when I or somebody else joined the room (both are cases where Zoom makes a loud bell sound).

I fixed it by going to settings (enter a meeting, right-click the small green shield-with-a-checkbox icon in the corner, click the gear icon in the corner of the window that pops up), “audio” tab, then setting the output volume to max.

Looks like that’s equivalent to setting speaker_volume=255 in ~/.config/zoomus.conf.