Zoom is slower and buggy on Linux

I switched from Macos to Ubuntu then quickly to Manjaro, everything has been better almost. Manjaro is so fast, exciting, and modern. It feels like a 50 years old goes back to 20 years old. But one problem is Zoom is so sloppy on Linux.

Problem: Sharing screen stop sharing after resizing or moving of the the sharing box in Linux(tested this bug in Ubuntu gnome and manjaro KDE), if you have more than one participant.

Details: You can reappear the problem by share screen-advanced-portion of screen. Then resize the sharing area, the participant’s will see the frozen sharing content just before resizing. When you move the sharing box, this happens also and the box floating on your screen uncontrollably. Click stop sharing now, Zoom freezes.

Does this sound like a problem related to Graphics/driver?
Zoom is really smooth in Macos and windows, which is just the opposite to all other apps behaves.

Yeah I experienced the same thing to be honest you got further than me I couldn’t get the zoom on linux to recognize the mic on my headset. I was able to do a call on it once using the built-in laptop speakers but the call didn’t involve video. Anyway yeah I wouldn’t think the graphics driver is the issue.I think the linux port needs some serious bug fixes. :frowning:

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Never used zoom, but Jitsi Meet - Instant Free Videoconferencing works really great and is not proprietary.

btw there is package in the aur:

pamac build  jitsi-meet-desktop

Sounds more like a bug in Zoom IMHO. With such a detailed bug description, why don’t you file a bug with Zoom? On the top of the page they’re talking about the Mac and Windows clients only but further down they have a Linux section.


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I use zoom regularly (GNOME) without issues.
Everything works fine, except I believe sharing of full screen powerpoints through wine.

:slightly_smiling_face:I did that and I will post the solution here if I get one from them.

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When sharing a window, and a fixed sharing box(advanced sharing), that’s fine. Sometimes I need to adjust the size of sharing box, that’s when the problem comes in.

Yeah… I am also trying it out right now.
Whats there to take?
Some haven’t been updated since Oct 2020.


Could someone explain the nuances plz?

the latter works fine so far:

Installiere jitsi-meet-desktop (2.4.2-1)...
Starte Post-Transaction-Hooks...
Arming ConditionNeedsUpdate...
Updating icon theme caches...
Updating the desktop file MIME type cache...
Vorgang erfolgreich abgeschlossen.

Please do not necro bump a post. If you have questions about jitsi, please make your own thread and people can assist you.

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