Zoom Conferencing

I’ve been having a problem using the Zoom Video Conferencing software that is available via the software install package within Manjaro. When being assigned to a breakout room i will be dumped out of the program and have to re-log back into the conference. this has been on going for several weeks. I have tried removing/purging zoom and reinstalling several times but had the same problem.

Finally I went to the Zoom web site and downloaded directly from there the Arch/64bit tar and installed by double clicking on the tar file, it installed and works with no problems

Hopefully this helps someone in installing and using the Zoom software

Dave C

Hope that is not meant as blaming Manjaro for it …
It might be available trough Pamac, but is an AUR package, not Manajro package. Some people might have installed it from herecura repos (also not Manjaro).
We appreciate sharing your findings tho.

Had to make this clear

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