Zookeeper and Kafka installation

Hello all,

I am trying to setup zookeeper and kafka in the system. I am not sure if this is the correct forum to ask this question (please do direct me to the correct forum if this is not the correct one).

I followed the following to install zookeeper : https://snapcraft.io/install/zk/manjaro.

However, I am not able to modify the files inside the snap directory. For example, in my case i need to modify zoo.cfg file in


and need to create a directory in

both are however not allowed.

Is there anyway I can install both zookeeper and kafka in Manjaro and can be modifiable?

Thank you

Zookeeper and Kafka are both in the AUR.

You could try those. That would make the config be on your system, so you can edit the configs like you would other configs on your system.

Thats how SNAPs work by default. They are supposed to be separate and isolated.

There are workaround of sorts … but really, if you want to modify files and things … you just shouldnt use SNAP.

Both packages are available in the AUR.


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Thank you Strit and cscs, I am testing both zookeeper and kafka from AUR. Will update afterwards.

Thank you again for the response.