Zfs support for linux 6.5

Update proceeded smoothly on both my dell xps 9700 and workstation.
I do notice, however, zfs support for linux 6.5 is missing, is this due to the lack of official support? I know prior zfs module updates have occurred without official support for a specific kernel release.

If you use ZFS, then you should already know the answer to that because you’re following upstream. If you don’t, then you probably shouldn’t be using it.

Does not compute. How do you figure? :thinking:

Unless I’m mistaken, I believe a patch was applied prior to it’s official incorporation

All openzfs releases supporting linux 6.3, 6.4 are pre-release rc releases.
I gather manjaro will await further rc’s with linux 6.5 prior to building the module within
Packages / Extra / linux65-extramodules / zfs · GitLab and that official support in a non-rc release is not required?

ZFS 2.1.12 only officially supports up to 6.3. We only update when there’s a stable release. Occasionally, we may add a patch.

I have no idea why it builds for 6.4, but since it does it’s there. As far as I’ve seen there’s less than a handful of Manjaro users using ZFS. They seem to know which kernel to use and make it work.

Sounds good, I’ll await the build system to successfully build a module. Not interested in playing with dkms at the moment.

What’s wrong with the dkms variant? As long as user doesn’t blindly try to build against incompatible kernel (eg. 6.4 to 6.5 without atleast looking @ upstream), for small point upgrades I’ve never had issues with zfs-dkms. Seems less hassle and less waiting for specific kernel versions, but YMMV ofc

ZFS is currently only supported til 6.4 kernel series. The current development release added support for 6.5 already, however we can’t force everyone to update to an unstable release of ZFS cos of that. A backport to current stable series of ZFS is not in queue.