Zfs on Raspberry Pi 4b


does someone know if there is a zfs port for rpi4? I tried “pacman -Sy zfs-dkms” but the package was not found.

zfs-dkms package is not in our repo, just like it’s not in the Arch repos.

But it is in the AUR, so you can try installing it from there.

We don’t support ZFS setups though, so you are on your own there. :slight_smile:

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Ah ok thanks. How can I get the package? “Pamac install zfs-dkms”?


pamac build zfs-dkms should be correct.

Argh, unfortunately the zfs-tools are not available for aarch64.

You mean zfs-utils?


Seems to be working for raspberry pi.

Add aarch64 in the PKGBUILD in this line like this:

arch=("i686" "x86_64" "aarch64")

Thank you! Will test that.

Let me know how it turns out. At one time upstream broke zfs and the dkms modules would not load but the zfs people had submitted a patch and I do not know if it is in the kernel yet. There is a kernel hack I can do on this end if the modules do not load.

Ok zfs-tools and zfs-dkms can be built on raspberrypi 4 Manjaro 20.10 with change from Darksky.

I only had a gpg key issue but after manually importing the key everything works.

A zfs pool with datasets can be created. 2 attached usb3 hdds deliver in mirror 90Mb/s.

Tests are still ongoings. Thanks for the support!!!

Can I send someone an Email that this will be fixed?

I am not sure what you are asking.

Well, you can comment on it’s AUR page, to let Eli know that it simply just works now. If it does indeed build just by adding aarch64 to the arch=() array. :slight_smile:

I mean adding the aarch64 into PKGBUILD.

Ok thanks