Yt-dlp: nsig extraction failed

yt-dlp is broken

[youtube] Extracting URL: Бессмертные Империи Total War Warhammer 3 - трейлер на русском - YouTube
[youtube] iB2jECfqQP0: Downloading webpage
[youtube] iB2jECfqQP0: Downloading android player API JSON
[youtube] iB2jECfqQP0: Downloading player 11e3a4ec
WARNING: [youtube] iB2jECfqQP0: nsig extraction failed: You may experience throttling for some formats
Install PhantomJS to workaround the issue. Please download it from Download PhantomJS
n = BC-9glWmfunyEAkB ; player =
ERROR: [youtube] iB2jECfqQP0: Unable to extract uploader id; please report this issue on Issues · yt-dlp/yt-dlp · GitHub , filling out the appropriate issue template. Confirm you are on the latest version using yt-dlp -U

That is the known issue.
yt-dlp is not faulty, but YouTube breaks the backward compatibility.

It was already fixed.


Yes, can we have the latest version available so that we can update our yt-dlp package? Can’t download any YouTube videos.

I had similar issue but removing yt-dlp not just via pacman -Rns yt-dlp-git command but also in aur cache using -Sc parameter in yay or relavent parameter in other aur package manager. Then reinstalling did the job for me. I don’t think this would solve issue for everyone but it is worth trying if reinstalling is doing to job for me !!

You pinged me?
You have to ask this the manjaro devs.


February 22, 2023




You have multiple options to fix the issue. Staying on stable branch, you have to edit or comment out (#) one line .
…too much ?

Sorry, I should have replied to the OP. It wasn’t meant for you, I guess I just responded to the last message.

Thanks, I’ll try this.

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