Youtubedl-gui package in manjaro community repo out of date


I am the developer of the application “youtubedl-gui”, and was having trouble updating my aur package on manjaro, only to discover that my application has been ported to the community repository. I appreciate this very much, and it will help users who do not have an aur helper install the application.

However, I was not informed of this change, and the aur package now conflicts with the package in the repositories. Since I have been getting a lot of feedback for my application, I have been pushing changes quite rapidly. This means the community package is also out-of-date by three versions. Note that I already have a beta branch in the aur where all the experimental changes are pushed to and when a change is made to the main package I consider it to be stable.

Since the package has only been added to the majaro community repository and not the upstream archlinux community repository. I am left here to contact the maintainers. I would like to discuss release schedules so it can be co-ordinated. Who may I speak to? Is there an email address I can contact?

Thank you

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Hello and welcome,

I’ll ping @nightmare-2021 and you can talk about. Maybe not a bad idea to include you in the contributors group so you can have access to more things around and know who takes care of what. @philm - what do you think ?

Any updates? Can I contact @nightmare-2021 or @philm directly?

All I see is your 1.0 release. How are you managing these versions?

Our community package was just updated with your latest commit in our unstable branch. You can compare our branches here and see how there work here.

Your youtubedl-gui and youtubedl-gui-beta AUR packages improperly pull from the latest git commit with an imaginary static version number. They should have been submitted as VCS packages with a -git suffix.

For your existing AUR packages, please use git tags or a static commit. You can submit new VCS packages; i.e, youtubedl-gui-git and youtubedl-gui-beta-git that pull from the latest commit if you’d like.That way any AUR user no matter if they’re using Manjaro or not can decide if they want to use the bleeding edge version directly from git or a stable release.

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Since this was my first arch linux package, mistakes were made. The first area of focus will be to get the proper “youtubedl-gui” package and not the git version or beta version. I will create a tarball for my latest release and update the aur package to use that tarball. I know how to do so, I already have to do it for ubuntu. I don’t know yet how I will handle beta versions. Maybe have youtubedl-gui-git and youtubedl-gui-beta-git as you recommend, although it seems like quite long names and too many versions, I may have to consolidate a few. For the package, I will submit a commit to the manjaro community gitlab for you to review the changes.

That will be the solution as our community packages normally follow official releases.

The repo does not allow public access and that won’t be necessary anyway. Just make the necessary changes upstream and to the AUR PKGBUILD.

Ok, I pushed the changes upsteam. It now uses a stable tarball with proper checksums. The version is stable.

I think you could include it in the stable branch now, but it is up to you the maintainers to make the final decision.