Youtube Theater-Mode reset back to its default state after restarting browser

Hello everyone, new user just use manjaro quite recently as daily driver. Is that a default behavior of the browser to reset back the youtube mode to its own state.

here is the step to produce the problem:

  1. open any browser(brave & firefox)
  2. open youtube and open any kind of video
  3. set the theater mode to on
  4. close the browser and open back youtube

issue: the theater mode set back to off
expected behavior to be: the theater mode still on

note: this behavior so far only happened to me for youtube theater mode only. (the rest like dark mode and stuff still ok).

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Yes, I’m afraid that’s YouTube’s fault. Apparently theater mode selection is not stored in your YouTube preferences, and it has already been like that for as long as I can remember. :man_shrugging:

I wonder if its YouTube’s bug but why its only happened on linux? I have dual boot, when I was using windows it’s saved the configuration for theater mode. (thanks for your answer, ad least now I can make sure that there is no miss configuration from me which makes any weird behavior to browser)

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Are you sure that it was the browser itself that did that, or was it a browser extension you had? :thinking:

I know that browser extensions exist that do this ─ I’ve seen them but I’ve never installed them ─ so I presume that by default, a browser doesn’t know how to save this preference, and that it’s a YouTube decision to not respect the preference for theater mode. :man_shrugging:

Im pretty sure I don’t have any special extension to control my media for youtube. my extension mostly like react-dev, redux-dev, some vpn stuff, or ad block if I used firefox. its not a big problem tho but its just kinda bug me to click theater mode over and over everytime I reboot system or just restarting browser

this probably could a thing too, but if they can save the volume preferences(the volume does not reset after restart browser) or darkmode, there must a way too to implement it on theater mode preference.