YouTube sometimes keeps playing even after pausing it

Recently YT sometimes keeps playing audio even when i have paused. The audio stream seems to be a separate one since when i play the video again the video plays another audio over the one playing in the background. The button on the player changes to play and the viewport stops, but the audio keeps playing. This occurs randomly usually is resolved by reloading the page. I also have uBO and privacy badger extensions installed(if that is relevant).

I have noticed this problem on two separate devices, One on the unstable branch(running vivaldi browser) and another on the stable branch running chrome. On the second device(stable branch) the problem seems to have been solved by downgrading the kernel to 6.6 LTS. I have yet to try downgrading the kernel on first(unstable branch) device.

Has anyone else faced the same or similar issue?

My guess is that this is a chromium and recent kernel problem… but i couldn’t find discussions online.

It has nothing to do with kernel - it is an application issue.

Browsers makes use of ‘webworkers’ - disable the functionality - in Chromium → Settings → check System and Performance

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Yep, it happen rarely on my side too. Always when I click too fast on YT - I assume my browser (Vivaldi) is too slow to process something. That’s don’t bother me because happer rarely and simple page reloading solve it :wink: