Youtube plugin crash in the latest Kodi

All is in the title. My youtube plugin was working fine, but after some update it just crash and kodi with it. I hope there will be a fix for some times, but as nothings coming i come here to report the problem.
At first my install used the testing branch when it happend. I had to reinstall my manjaro and it was working fine a first, a few days after a new update push this faulty kodi version in stable, and the problem is here since.

Here is kodi crash log :

AS with many Kodi problems since the last update I wouldn’t be surprised if the update to the new python version isn’t the problem.

you might want to check the following link, originally provided by @psifi

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If a usecase is casual webbrowsing and reading mail - documents, spreadsheets, python programming even light gaming then you will rarely if at all experience any issues.

When you begin to rely on complex applications like Kodi issue may surface.

Do you understand the difference between Arch and Manjaro? (differences between branches and Arch stable)

Do you understand the difference between Arch and Ubuntu? (rolling vs. fixed)

Some applications will always work better if you are using a fixed release system.

Some applications integrates with other applications - e.g. OBS with chrome libs so when the release cadence of e.g. the chrome libs are faster on Arch you may get issues with said integration. Mind - I am not saying this is the case - merely trying to illustrate why a certain application may fail on Manjaro when it’s stable on Arch.

So when you experience issues with Kodi - you may benefit by switching your system to unstable - which is as close as it gets to source.

I don’t recommend this as a magic wand to solve issues but for you to test if your issue goes away by using a system closer to Arch.

Thank you Alchemix it indeed solve the problem.

@ linux-aarhus

Well all the point to run the stable repo is to get more stable software. If you need to run testing to have things working i don’t see the point. As Alchemix said there seems to have other problems related to this python version and the latest kodi, so why push an update on stable when it is known to have problems ?

There might have been a misunderstanding about what i said.
Python has been undergoing a major update, and as people are using python for a lot of applications, and programming, providing said updates is extremely important. The problem isn’t coming from Manjaro providing python update, but from the heavy reliance of community written scripts, that are also programmed in python. Changes in python itself seem to be causing the problems observed.

I’m a heavy Kodi user, but when it comes to provide the current python or being to able run all scripts in Kodi. I chose python every time.