Youtube/NetFlix Video/Audio Running Too Fast on Manjaro KDE

Freshly installed latest Manjaro (KDE Flavor), and updated everything to latest.

Having problems with videos, they’re all playing too fast, like 2-4x faster, everything sound like chipmunks. It’s happening on YouTube, NetFlix, DailyMotion. I’ve tried switching from Firefox to Chrome, and same thing happened.

Running AMD R9 5950X on Kernel 5.9.3-1-Manjaro, B550 Chipset, Radeon RX580, connected to my 4k TV through HDMI.

I’ve also enabled stats for nerds on Youtube, and I’m seeing a lot of dropped frames. I’ve purposedly swap the SSD and installed Windows, and test, everything seemed normal and had 0 drop in frame rates. I’m sure I’ve done something wrong somewhere, or there’s a bug issue, or driver issue somewhere?

I’ve tried switching Kernels (5.8, 5.10-Beta), nothing seemed to help. What’s the cause of it? Can someone please recommend a solution?

I recommend reading this from the archived forum:

I did read this yesterday, he said he had a HDMI connected but not to a monitor.
My GPU only has on HDMI plugged in, and it’s all the way into the monitor. I don’t have any other cables connected or dangling or idling. I can’t solve the problem. :sob:

Problem still unsolved. Could anyone help?

Does it also occur when you play a downloaded video file with mpv or vlc for instance?