You may have to run it as ROOT

So i recently downloded TouchRacer (seach Touchracer linux for more details), but it says to run as ROOT. Now i have no idea how to run this application as ROOT on manjaro. So please, if someone could help with this, i would really appreciate it! Thanks.

There are instructions on the website:

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Any instructions to do so will - most likely - cause irreparable damage to your system beyond repair.

And yes I am the BOHOO MAN trying warning you and scary off that path …


ik but that is for debian, and i tried. It didn’t work

should i delete this program then?

It is not instruction for Debian.

Downloading and Running the GNU/Linux App

Click Here To Download The GNU/Linux App
(latest version is 20200423).

There is no installer. Just extract the files and run TouchRacerLinux (for the gui version) or TouchRacerLinux-cli (for the console version). You may have to run it as root.

sudo ./TouchRacerLinux

You will need to install the original Android app in your phone, and run this one in your GNU/Linux system. Both apps will communicate over wifi network, and the system will see the phone as if it were a joystick. You should be able to control any game that has joystick support.

then why it’s not working for me? Do i have to download any package or something?

Nevermind, i just did it! THANK YOU VERY MUCH =DDDDDD