Xwindows wont start with 5.8 kernel

Hi I did a update the other day and X wont start with the 5.8 kernel. Using the 5.7 kernel still works perfectly fine. Im not sure how to start troubleshooting this, what logs should I be looking at?

Welcome at the forum, @John.

Where is the trouble to shoot if everything is working fine with kernel 5.7? :wink:

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I concur with Wollie: in Manjaro kernel management is “a thing” and unless you have hardware that doesn’t work under 5.7, there is no need to go to 5.8.

Just stay with 5.7 for now and every now and then (every 2-3 releases) try 5.8 again and if it works for you, then stay with that. I currently have 3 kernels installed:

  • 4.19 LTS
  • 5.4 LTS
  • 5.8 (since yesterday)

If 5.8 would fail me, I’d go back to 5.4 and if that fails, 4.19.