Xsession errors with Matcha theme

2 errors are repeated very often and occur with almost every program like Caja, Pluma or Geany

(caja:616): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 21:17:43.836: _gtk_css_image_get_concrete_size: assertion 'default_width > 0' failed

(caja:616): Gtk-CRITICAL **: 21:17:43.836: _gtk_css_image_get_surface: assertion 'surface_height > 0' failed

Those errors only occur with Matcha theme, Adwaita is fine
Biggest problem is that the xsession file gets very big and is flooded with those errors

My questions:
What does those errors mean?
How can i prevent those errors to happen, a solution? It doesn’t happen when i install matcha theme on the Cinnamon edition, so it appears to be a mate problem?

There are more xsession errors that reoccur but those doesn’t flood the xsession-errors file

There’s an open issue upstream:

Yes i’m aware of that, i am the last poster to that thread. No response jet and that thread is of may 2020

I was wondering of someone here would know a solution to this? I searched internet for days…
I don’t expect/think that the error is something serious (although it state gtk Critical) and everything seems to work fine but xsessions-error is very fast growing very big.

A solution to what? What problem is it causing?

prevent those errors from happening would be a solution.

Like i said above the biggest problem is the xsession file to grow very big