XScreenSaver "WebCollage" gives "webcollage crashed with status 1"

I haven’t been able to get “WebCollage” (a screensaver in the XScreenSaver collection) to work on any Manjaro computer; they all give the error in my title. Is there some prerequisite? (With some of the other screensavers, there is. Eg, “Sonar” needs “sudo chmod u+s sonar” and MapScroller needs 5 CPAN modules installed.)

Not sure if you already are, but it could be worth running xscreensaver in a terminal rather than launching it as normal. That might give some useful diagnostics.

And with a lot of its modules being written in Perl, you should be able to examine the source to work out what’s going wrong (I had a situation a while ago when Manjaro upgraded to a newer version of Perl than the developer had and broke it; I was able to dig into the code and tell him what the necessary fix was).

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Experimenting in a VM I got a few clues when I ran the demo from a terminal:

First it complained about a wordlist not being available - installed “words”.
Next was:
webcollage: 11:00:50: init: xwininfo not found on $PATH.
so I installed xorg-xwininfo

and then, after some time, random pictures slowly started to appear, gradually filling the screen.
kinda cool …


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