XRDP Windows/Manjaro Advice

I was looking for a better way of remoting between my Manjaro Desktop & Windows Laptop as Chrome Remote Desktop seems to be a bit unreliable and often needs force restarting to be available to connect to. I have been reading the AUR Wiki and getting more and more confused. XRDP seems to be better than using VNC? I think I have xrdp working but I think the default Windows Remote Desktop package requires Windows Pro not just Windows Home? I also saw something about FreeRDP on Manjaro but I wasn’t quite sure how it works?

Any advice on the best way of doing this in Manjaro?

Sorry for the rather gumbled question, finding it all rather conusing from what I have read.

That is a question better addressed in a Windows forum, not here.
What we can discuss is about this Xrdp - ArchWiki but that will be useful if you connect from Windows to Manjaro (linux machine)

As alternative you can use Anydesk or TeamViewer. Not advertising for any of them, but since both have native installers, then you might be able to do what you want without struggle.