Xrandr --setmonitor does not work with multiple "monitors"

I have an ultra-wide screen, and the following script to split it into three sections:

xrandr --setmonitor wide-1 1280/302x1440/185+0+0 HDMI-A-0
xrandr --setmonitor wide-2 2560/607x1440/185+1280+0 none
xrandr --setmonitor wide-3 1280/302x1440/185+3840+0 none
xrandr --fb 5120x1441
xrandr --fb 5120x1440

After running it, though, only the first monitor is visible and the rest of my screen is blank:

$ xrandr --listmonitors
Monitors: 3
 0: wide-1 1280/302x1440/185+0+0  HDMI-A-0
 1: wide-2 2560/607x1440/185+1280+0
 2: wide-3 1280/302x1440/185+3840+0

It looks like the monitors aren’t properly assigned to my screen for some reason. I’ve followed the tutorials I’ve found online and I’m not doing anything different, and it worked just fine for them. Any ideas?

Alternatively, what’s a good way to get my system to think of my monitor as three discrete screens? Some games don’t play well with not being in full-screen mode and I don’t want to use a different WM.

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