Xrandr can no longer find my second monitor

I used to start my second monitor on i3 by doing

xrandr --output HDMI-0 --auto --right-of DP-0

Since the the last big update in november this command now returns

warning: output HDMI-0 not found; ignoring

and it seems xrandr can no longer detect my second monitor. My second monitor is an lg tv connected via hdmi while my main monitor is connected via display port.

xrandr --listmonitors Monitors: 1 0: +*DP-0 1920/531x1080/299+0+0 DP-0

but nvidia-settings shows my second monitor but says it is disabled. Here is a link that shows my 90-mhwd.conf file

The second monitor that xrandr does not detect is LG Electronics LG TV. It works on windows. And the second monitor also does not work on gnome or on xfce where it used to work automatically without me having to use the xrandr command.

System info

Thanks for the help, tell me if you need more information.

Hello @gtrjrkjrfkdk :wink:

Possible that the new nvidia driver has a problem. Try to switch to an older driver. 470xx should be still available. It might be also a good suggestion to stick with a LTS Kernel (5.4 or 5.10) with a nvidia driver.

I would not say that xrandr has a problem here. It just do what it gets.

Thanks for the answer, could anyone tell me how to use an older driver ?



You need to remove the current one and then install a new driver. Then simply reboot. That is the non-complicated way.

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Alright, I uninstalled current nvidia driver and reinstalled 470xx driver via manjaro settings manager and it works again. Thank you for the help.

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