Xrandr 5.11 (i3) issue

Hi everyone, hope you’re doing well.

I have an issue that I can’t seem to solve with using Xrandr and a slightly odd dual monitor setup with the 5.11 kernel.

I’m running a dual monitor setup. Two VGA monitors with one being run from the on board VGA and the other from an old ATI Radeon HD 6990 with a DVI (card) to VGA (monitor) adapter. The graphics card only supports one conversion.

In my i3 config I use:

exec --no-startup-id xrandr --output DVI-1-0 --auto --left-of VGA-0

This works fine using the 5.10 kernel, but with 5.11 I get a black screen, the mouse jumps to the left of VGA-0 and the system is unresponsive.

The same happens if I remove the xrandr line from the config and instead run it from the terminal.

xrandr --auto produces the same error.

I don’t have the option to change the monitor setup at the moment, which is a shame as if I had monitors with HDMI or DVI ports it would be a lot easier!

Has anyone run into similar issue and perhaps found a solution?

Thank and and best wishes all,


For the time being, I’d suggest using the 5.10 kernel. In any case, do you see anything in journalctl or the Xorg log when this happens? And please post the output of inxi -Gazy.

Thank you for your reply!
Here is my inxi -Gazy output:

  Device-1: AMD RS780D [Radeon HD 3300] vendor: Gigabyte driver: radeon 
  v: kernel bus ID: 01:05.0 chip ID: 1002:9614 class ID: 0300 
  Device-2: AMD Cayman PRO [Radeon HD 6950] vendor: Micro-Star MSI 
  driver: radeon v: kernel bus ID: 02:00.0 chip ID: 1002:6719 class ID: 0300 
  Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.10 compositor: picom v: git-dac85 driver: 
  loaded: ati,radeon unloaded: modesetting alternate: fbdev,vesa 
  display ID: :0 screens: 1 
  Screen-1: 0 s-res: 2464x900 s-dpi: 96 s-size: 651x237mm (25.6x9.3") 
  s-diag: 693mm (27.3") 
  Monitor-1: VGA-0 res: 1024x768 hz: 60 dpi: 86 size: 304x228mm (12.0x9.0") 
  diag: 380mm (15") 
  Monitor-2: DVI-1-0 res: 1440x900 hz: 60 dpi: 90 size: 408x255mm (16.1x10.0") 
  diag: 481mm (18.9") 
  OpenGL: renderer: AMD RS780 (DRM 2.50.0 / 5.10.19-1-MANJARO LLVM 11.1.0) 
  v: 3.3 Mesa 20.3.4 compat-v: 3.0 direct render: Yes 

I will go into journalctl and have a look after trying 5.11 and see if I can spot anything in there.

For the moment following your advice and sticking with 5.10.

Best wishes,