Xp-pen-tablet inverting inputs suddenly

I have an art deco pro gen 2 xlw and I’m using the xp-pen-tablet driver from the AUR, and they’ve been working perfectly fine except it suddenly started inverting the inputs (top left is now bottom right, top right is now bottom left) after the very first few seconds I hover my stylus over it. This is new behavior after 1 month of using it. The first time it did this was actually while I was in the middle of using it. Granted, it’s not a big issue since I can just rotate the orientation in the driver or even physically and this inversion only happens once after starting up the xp-pen-tablet. But, it’s a bit concerning that this started happening out of nowhere.

I’ve captured the stdout of the driver and I even monitored the x and y values that the program reports and it doesn’t seem to suggest that the physical tablet is inverting it on its own. It’s also interesting that it only inverts AFTER I’ve been hovering my stylus over it for a few seconds. I feel like something on my computer is noticing that it’s getting inputs and then decides to invert the values or something?

I don’t think it’s the driver since it hasn’t been updated since I started using it, and I really don’t know where to start looking to solve this issue. I’ve tried rebooting and reinstalling which also seems to be removing my tablet config settings, but that didn’t stop the behavior.

$ ./PenTablet
QMetaObject::connectSlotsByName: No matching signal for on_horizontalSlider_tablet_light_valueChanged(int)
QObject::connect: Incompatible sender/receiver arguments
        QDesktopWidget::primaryScreenChanged() --> MainWindow::onDeskScreenChanged(int)
QLayout: Attempting to add QLayout "" to MainWindow "MainWindow", which already has a layout
Function  EnumDisplay nScreenCount: 1
Device.AllScreen "All monitor(0,0,1920,1080)"
Device.Screen 1 : "Monitor1(0,0,1920,1080)"
-------type: 1
manufacturer:UGTABLET product:Deco Pro XLW (Gen 2) Get Max X:0x129a8 Y:0xb2e9  Press:0x3fff

find the xml Config: "BPH1502B"
 tagName: "Common"
 tagName: "TabletPannel"
 tagName: "DisableInfo"
 tagName: "PictureFiles"
APPS Num: 1
stAppConfigPtr init
Function  LoadConfig success
QObject::connect: No such slot CUSBTablet::OnDeviceConnError(int)
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 242 1 100 0
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 177 4 1 0
SentCmd(0,1,0) Failed
EnmuTabeltDevice: "Deco Pro XLW (Gen 2)" -- "BPH1502B"
Function  UpdateUIByAppChange: "Deco Pro XLW (Gen 2)"
fP2 0.741935
QObject::connect: No such slot MainWindow::ReceiveUsbMsg(unsigned short ,unsigned short ,short,char*)
QObject::connect:  (receiver name: 'MainWindow')
open uinput ok 

open uinput ok 

open uinput ok 

ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 242 1 100 0
MouseButtonPress: QEvent::MouseButtonPress
label_bg MouseButtonPress
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 57 158 118
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 57 158 118
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 8 158 118
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 218 157 118
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 176 157 117
ReceiveTabletPackets Length 14 160 137 1