XP Pen Tablet Driver not Opening

Having trouble getting the XP Pen driver working in Manjaro. The one package in the AUR is based on a rather old driver (version 1.x.x), the other is much newer (version 3.2.x) but returns a 404 when trying to build it.

There is an install script bundle available from the manufacturer website for the current version and I am able to install it successfully (at leas that’s what it reports). And while it does appear in the launch menu, when I try to open it the software icon pops up very briefly in the taskbar, disappears, and then nothing else.

Any advice much appreciated.


in principle you should get some forum results, but on how to do it and what to install, might depend on the exact model you have.
Here are a couple of them:

And a more lengthy one here …

Let me know where did you got stuck.

Thanks for your help. Ended up being a different package that was up to date and available, but wasn’t showing up in Pamac. One of your references above had the link to the AUR page (this one: AUR (en) - xp-pen-tablet) and from there I was able to figure it out. Thanks.

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