Xorg config for Intel & Nvidia combo

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Is there a way to have everything (including games) use the Nvidia dGPU? and have my laptop screen be rendered by iGPU intel? are there also intel cpu/iGPU drivers I have to install to have the best experience?

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Have you studied these wiki entries already?

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I red it just now, and I think I got good grasp of it.
I decided to reinstall the proprietary Nvidia driver but this time, I didn’t delete any conf.
but now I have this problem again (the reason why I deleted the nvidia config in the first place)
The laptop screen is stuck on the boot logo and the only screen thats being used is the external screen. Is there something I have to add to the config for the other screen to be rendered using the iGPU?

Thanks for the quick reply btw! :smiley:

I’m sorry I didn’t really read it :frowning:
But holy heck, the moment that I did, I actually saw the solution!
Thank you very much for teaching me a lesson

It’s just like what they say -
Everything is written in the scriptures…

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