Xorg config breaks randomly, monitors dont "render" correctly, & login screen is broken

Edited to update information
xorg apparently has random issues with where my monitors are relative to each other even on a clean install, no settings changed. After a reboot the monitors have a chance to appear like this

This is an actual full window screenshot, the desktop is “cut up”. (Screen shot from my previous install)

I know a fix for this is to set “force full composition pipeline”, that will rearrange the monitors & space them correctly, but this should not be happening in the first place.

So the issue started after installing a custom theme?

In what way are issues after implementing the theme the responsibility of Manjaro?

QT support 5.11 and up but last update 9 months ago.

Since you know a fix just apply it and perhaps notify the maintainer of the theme about issues.

On my last install it happened after I updated the login screen - Now it happened on a clean install, so I believe this is not related to me changing the login screen.

My “fix” reloads xorg (i think), it looks like xorg is taking a wrong config file until I reload it manually.