Xfwm4 - set window of YouTube Popout Player "always on top"

Hello to all!
Browser: firefox 98 with Addon: YouTube Popout Player
Window Manager: Xfwm4

When I wanted to set a window of the YouTube Popout Player
always on top I could not do this, because I was not able
to select the option “always on top” or “always above other”,
it is greyed out.
what can I do to set it above?

Thank you for your patience!

Frequently Asked Questions | YouTube Popout Player

How do I make the popout player always stay on top of other windows?

The APIs for browser extensions do not expose any functionality to keep windows on top, so this is not possible through the extension alone (at least for now).

For Linux, depending on your distribution (and, more likely, your window manager), you probably have a way to set windows to always be on top without the need for additional software.

Try using Alt + F12 Toggle above

Or Alt + Space to open the window operations menu and click Always On Top

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