Xfreerdp multiple monitors not working on KDE


I have just moved my main laptop over from being on Manjaro Gnome back to KDE. I choose to do a brand new install rather than just change Desktops Environments. Both were version 20.03.

I work at home and RDP into my office computer and XfreeRDP worked fine doing so in Gnome. Before re-installing Manjaro KDE - I thought I would be lazy and copy the bash command from my Gnome XfreeRDP link, so I could just paste it into the KDE application menu.

However, now I am back on KDE - the Multiple Monitors command does not use both monitors correctly - even though it was perfect on Gnome. I just get one long stretched monitor covering both of my monitors.

I’ve also noticed that the Citrix Workspace client also does this if I connect to a Citrix session, where as on Gnome it just fitted a single window.

Any thoughts as to why the same monitor commands would differ from Gnome to KDE? This is the XfeeRDP command I use…

bash -c "xfreerdp /multimon /g:<gateway address> /v:<computer id> /d:<domain> /u:<username> /p:<password> /microphone /sound /usb:auto /bpp:64 /audio-mode:0"

Given that the Citrix workspace package also works differently on KDE, I am guessing it may be down to my monitor setups. But there are no obvious setup options that I can see that could be the problem.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using Remmina currently which works fine, but does not support multiple monitors, so just have it working on a single screen.