Xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin icon

I’m using Manjaro 21.3.7 xfce. I have added the Gnome-wine Icon Theme to my .icon folder. I have been able to add or change all the icons I wanted but one. That is the xfce4-pulseaudio-plugin icon to the panel. I have changed the icon to the pavucontrol command, but there was no change to pulseaudio plugin icon. If anyone has any idea how to add that icon to the panel I would be grateful to hear it. Thank you for your help!

the icons you are looking to override for that are


In gnome-wine icon theme, what folder do I put them in? For they are not in gnome-wine theme now.

a folder called .icons in your home directory should override individual parts of a theme.

I have added audio-volume-high-symbolic, audio-volume-low-symbolic, audio-volume-medium-symbolic, audio-volume-muted-symbolic to my /home/user/.icon/gnome-wine/scalable/status folder. There was no change in my panel icon for pulseaudio plugin. Is there another place to place the image files? This is the folder that I made most of my changes of icons.

not .icon but .icons

I am sorry for the type o in my reply. The images are in folder, /home/user/.icons/gnome-wine/scalable/status.